Antler Utensils & Gifts
Michael Lettis was born and raised in
Alaska. He has been making antler arts
and crafts for over twenty-five years. He
enjoys back country wilderness trips,
bow hunting, fishing, falconry, beach
combing and collecting shed antlers for
his arts and crafts as he is pictured here.
We make a variety  of caribou and moose antler gifts. Each item is handmade in
our workshop with an original pen and ink design, then sealed with a varathane
coating. Our antler-handled utensils are stainless steel. We recommend hand
wash only. Do not soak or machine wash. Handles are made of single tine antler
but often we will use antler with two tines. The additional cost on the two tine
antler handles is $2.50. They are more decorative but sometimes not as
comfortable to use.
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spatula               $37.50
solid spoon        $37.50
slotted spoon    $37.50
pasta server      $37.50
fork                     $37.50
cake server       $37.50
ladle                    $40.00
letter opener     $25.00
Caribou Antler Handled
closeup view of handles
click on photos to enlarge
Caribou Antler
7" X 13"
Caribou Antler
Toothpick Holders
5.00 each
A. Caribou Antler-Shop Ulu Knife $45

B. Caribou Antler-Bristol Bay Ulu Knife $75

C. Muskox Horn-Bristol Bay Ulu Knife $150

The blades on our Ulus are made from old handsaw
steel that is carbon and need to be kept dry or
lightly oiled. They are also very sharp! All ulus come
with an antler stand.
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Carved Moose Antler Jewelry
our necklaces are carved from a single slice of moose antler and vary in
price from about $40 to $95. Designs are mainly Alaskan wildlife (caribou,
moose, bear, salmon, eagles, and owls) and Native Alaskans. The
necklaces can be ordered with an adjustable thong or chain.
Carved Mammoth Ivory
Flying Owl Necklace with Woolly Mammoth Ivory beads
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